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Portuguese Water Dogs at Ricelake


Portuguese Water Dogs in Ontario, Canada

We are located 1.5hrs east of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada

Shipping is avail. Portuguese water dogs in Ontario, Portugese Water dogs in Canada

The purpose of this application is to safeguard this breed from getting into the wrong homes and unsuitable environments. We want our puppies to go to stable minded people who are willing to learn about this great breed and who are prepared to give the puppy a forever home. We are willing to help new owners with lots of information and assistance for a life time. So, if you purchase one of our dogs, please stay in touch.

At this time the application does not seem to be working, and I apologize to anyone who's filled it out and I haven't gotten back to you. Probably best to email directly or to call me.

Puppy Application

What is your address
Email Address:
What gender would you prefer male
Have you ever owned a Portuguese water dog before yes
What best describes you living situation own
fenced yard
no fence
Where will the dog be kept during the day
Will there be an adult home during the day
What pets do you own now, and if not now, in the past
Do you plan on attending classes, such as obedience
Would you like to be on our waiting list yes
not now

Thank you for filling out this application, I will be in touch with you within 24 hrs of receiving.  

If you would like to be on our waiting list a $100 deposit will be required.  Once the puppies are born and we have confirmed with you, a $400 deposit is required to secure your puppy, with the balance paid on pick up day. 


Waiting list deposits are refundable, if the gender or puppy you requested is not avail.

Reserve Deposit is refundable in certain cases where we were unable to give you the puppy you requested


We do our best to check the puppies around the clock but puppies are very fragile when little, it has happened that a mother has laid on one of her pups or it just has a failure to thrive.  If there are other puppies in the litter still avail, we will offer one to you, if this is not to your liking then,  In these cases a full refund will be given.

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